Yubanath Lamsal

Bhim Nidhi Tiwari: A Born Writer Of Nepal / Yuba Nath Lamsal

Bhim Nidhi TiwariBhim Nidhi Tiwari is one of the legendary literary icons of Nepal. His contribution in the field of Nepali literature is so great that he would always remain in the heart of millions of Nepali speaking population both at home and abroad. There are more than three dozen books to his credit—a feat only a few Nepali writers have achieved.


Chakrapani Chalise: Bridge Between Two Eras/ Yuba Nath Lamsal

Chakra Pani CHaliseChakrapani Chalise bridged the two eras of Nepali literature—the romantic period represented by Motiram Bhatta and modern age beginning with Lekhanath Poudyal’s emergence. Motiram Bhatta’s period was indeed a beginning of the renaissance in the Nepali literature. During this period several writers revived and enriched the Nepali language and literature for which Motiram’s role and contribution was colossal.