संघर्षको ऐलान गर्ने कवि अहिले लज्जावती झार जस्तै झोक्राउनु भएको छ

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Banira Giri
सधैं साहित्यिक कर्ममा व्यस्त रहने एक छोरी र एक छोराकी आमा उनी अहिले डिमेन्सिया (बिर्सने रोग वा समस्या) बाट पीडित हुनुहुन्छ। सेवानिवृत्त उहाँका पति इन्जिनियर शंकर गिरी अहोरात्र उहाँका सेवा–सु श्रुषामा व्यस्त हुनुहुन्छ। कवि हुनु आफ्नो ठाउँमा छ। कविताकै कारण जोडिएको हो– उहाँसँगका मेरो सम्बन्ध। तर जहिलेदेखि यो सम्बन्ध जोडियो त्यही दिनदेखि उहाँ मेरी दिदी हुनुभयो। अहिले पनि म उहाँलाई वानीरा दिदी नै भन्छु। दिदी नै मान्छु।
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Nepali Literature in India

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Mahendra P. Lama
In 1992, Nepali was recognised as the 19th official Indian language and included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India. It has been recognised as one of the modern languages of India by the Sahitya Akademi, or Academy of Letters, of the Indian government since 1975; and the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award has been bestowed on the best literary works of Indian Nepali writers along with other Indian languages every year.

Nepali Literature Making it Known to the World

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Capable and notable writers are getting lost in the crowds of less talented writers with connections. 
The growth of indigenous publishing and writing in recent years is a good sign. With the spread of education, a social and cultural change is happening and one instrument of cause for this change is the book. However, the growth of the reading-public has not increased with the pace of literacy and the educated mass.

Moon and Heartfelt Love

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Kamala Sarup
And so far I can tell 
Love is necessary for the existence of life.
It's perfect weather for it
You and me, both
Perhaps if you were nearer to me
I would love talking to you 
You are all incredible and awesome

Abhibyakti 199

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Abhibyakti Nepali Magazine 199
199th issue of Nepali Literary Magazine, Abhibyakti.
Writers of this issue: Dhanraj Giri, Rita Tamrakar, Nandlal Aacharya, Gayatree Kumar Chapagain, Arjun Thapa, Maheshwor Ray, Dr. Bhoophari Poudel, Rambabu Ghimire, Vijaya Vaishnav Dhakal, Chetnath Kadel Harit, Charubha Ghimire, Mahesh Chandra Pradhan, Hari Kattel, Sunil Puri, Samba Dhakal, Sharmila Karki, Bheshraj Pokharel, Suman Thapa, Rajesh Dhungana, Binod Nepal, Sarita Poudel Guragain, Krishna Bajgain, Nilanjala Bharadwaj, Lavanya Sapkota, Shankar Shah, Neerajan Moudgalya, and Yayawar.


Reminiscing Bhim Darshan Roka / Jangab Chauhan

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Bheem Darshan Roka

Standing on the cliffs

On the banks of the river that carries the flood and bore

Walking alone

Gazing at the horizons for shore

I am drawing shape deep within the cloud‟s inner core

(Trans. Watson, Nepalikavita.com) 


अवशेष वस्ती/ किशोर पहाडी

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Kishor Pahadi

पूरावस्ती चारैतिर अस्तव्यस्त भएर थुप्रिएको थियो । नीलो हाफ ज्याकेट लगाएका केही मान्छेहरू त्यो अवशेष वस्तीम छिरेका थिए । चारैतिर शून्यता थियो कोलाहल पूर्ण भूकम्पपछिको शून्यता ।

नीलो ज्इाकेट लगाएका मान्छेहरू त्यो भूकम्पले आक्रान्त वस्तीमा शान्त मुद्रामा थिए । वस्तीका अरूहरू आतङ्कित मुद्रामा उनीहरूलाई हेरिरहेका थिए ।


Redefining contemporaneity/ MAHESH PAUDYAL

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Samakalin Nepali Kathaharu

Of late, serious urges to anthologise generic creations with limits of period and epoch are being detected in Nepali literature. Not long after Momila edited selected Nepali poems, and Archana Thapa brought together female voices in anthologies, Prabhati Kiran has edited Samakalin Nepali Kathaharu, a collection of stories by contemporary writers, most of whom are in their early forties or younger. While, for instance, initiatives to collect women’s writing—specifically those of renowned authors—have been many, attempts to incorporate evolving and yet-to-be published authors have practically been nil.


History of Bikram Sambat in Nepal: A Retrospect/ Dirgha Raj Prasai

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Dirgharaj Prasai
Bikram Sambat is the glory of Nepal. We the Nepalese people are lucky because Nepal was never captured by foreign imperialists. The continual practice of Bikram Sambat in Nepal is powerful proof against imperialists’ attempt to hold Nepal. Bikram Sambat- 2068 starts from Mekh Sankranti-1st of Baishk-Apr.14. Bikram Sambat (BS) is an ancient and original Era of Nepal in Himavatkhanda.

यो जिन्दगी खै के जिन्दगी !

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भित्रभित्र खोक्रिएर बाहिर बाहिर बाँचेको
एटमको त्रासले चुसेको
समस्याको भूतले सताएको
यो जिन्दगी खै के जिन्दगी !


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