Moon and Heartfelt Love

And so far I can tell 
Love is necessary for the existence of life.
It's perfect weather for it
You and me, both
Perhaps if you were nearer to me
I would love talking to you 
You are all incredible and awesome
And I am walking all over you
I hand over a desire to tell you
If you could simply come closer.
It's perfect for this kind of weather
You are so far away from me now
Surrounded in an indeterminate space
From where I stood I could examine why
People without existence
It prolongs the journey of faith 
I think thoughts of love,
I've set out my pride as a master
My moon, 
It happened,
Although I wanted to express
There was no one there to hear
I on my part couldn't be given away
My desire to look at you
Didn't let me run away.
Perfect sun
Perfect moon
Perfect time
I might hold to feel love
If we are talking about love,
I'm willing to tell you
How am I to tell you with love?
My moon, everyone is selfish.
Love remains somewhere
There is also a classified section
Recall the definition of love.
Why is life scared?
Without any tears?
To tell you the truth, not much
I've been trying to tell you.
Even just for once you look at me
How my soul is at nighttime
Please you go on concealing 
Can't I express your love?
Can't I cry in front of? 
It was perfect weather on this trip
I tell you truly my moon;
I desire my life being one with you.
Love, purity, peace and flowers
Let us be friends and share this moment
Dealing with one another love, and pride
Desire and tears.
We even have to love one another.