Anton Chekhov

छेपारो / एन्टोन चेखब

अनुवाद :  देव 'अञ्जान शाह'
नयाँ ओभरकोटमा ठाँटिएको प्रहरी नीरिक्षक ओचुमेलोभ हातमा एउटा पोको बोकी बजारस्थित चोक पार गर्दै थियो। जफत गरिएको अमलाले भरिपूर्ण टोकरी बोकेको रातो कपालवाला एउटा सहयोगी प्रहरी उसको पछिपछि हिँड्दैथ्यो। चारैतिर सन्नटा अनि चोकमा मानवीय उपस्थिति शुन्य...

About Love

AT lunch next day there were very nice pies, crayfish, and mutton cutlets; and while we were eating, Nikanor, the cook, came up to ask what the visitors would like for dinner. He was a man of medium height, with a puffy face and little eyes; he was close-shaven, and it looked as though his moustaches had not been shaved, but had been pulled out by the roots. Alehin told us that the beautiful Pelagea was in love with this cook. As he drank and was of a violent character, she did not want to marry him, but was willing to live with him without.

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